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It's essential for all Ward 4 neighborhoods to have access to safe, equitable pedestrian infrastructure and transportation options. As a Ward 4 ANC Commissioner, Lisa has worked to provide essential infrastructure to support safe pedestrian travel, advocated maintaining critical bus lines, and supported safe passage to school. Lisa prioritizes access to traffic calming measures, maintained crosswalks, prompt sidewalk repairs, and accessible travel for older adults and people with disabilities. 


Like several other major U.S. cities, DC is a Vision Zero jurisdiction. Vision Zero is a safety campaign designed to completely eliminate traffic fatalities and serious crashes, but DC has had its challenges in successfully implementing the Vision Zero strategy. Lisa believes our strategic focus must be on ensuring an overall safe pedestrian ecosystem, and to achieve that, we need Vision Zero to work and work effectively.


As your Ward 4 Councilmember, Lisa is committed to:


  • Ensuring pedestrian safety. DC has seen too many pedestrian crashes, both fatal and non-fatal, on our roadways. Residents have raised concerns about dangerous speeding hotspots, poorly designed intersections, delayed traffic safety assessments, and crumbling sidewalk infrastructure. Still, they often don't see the needed safety improvements until it's too late. All neighborhoods must have equitable access to traffic calming improvements, maintained crosswalks, and the immediate repair of unsafe, dangerous sidewalks.

  • Providing aggressive oversight of transportation safety issues and the implementation of Vision Zero. Unsafe roadways are a public safety issue. We must insist on transparency and accountability from DDOT and demand change when the community's needs and calls for safety improvements continue to go unmet.

  • Ensuring that safety improvements and infrastructure investments are distributed equitably across all neighborhoods within Ward 4, addressing historical disparities in infrastructure investment and safety outcomes.

Power the Movement

We take pride in being a people-powered campaign with an average donation of $14. If you’re a DC resident, your donation will be matched 5-to-1, and all donations are limited to a maximum of $50. 

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