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As we witness a significant increase in the population of adults aged 60 and over in DC, it gives us cause for celebration. Older adults enrich our city and our Ward 4 communities with their wisdom and spirit, forming a demographic we should cherish and support. DC offers a wealth of resources for older adults, and we need to improve our efforts to ensure that these vital services are well-publicized and accessible.


The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the challenges older adults face - including social isolation, food insecurity, affordable housing scarcity, limited financial resources, health disparities, and transportation access issues. Public Health Emergency/Pandemic-era SNAP bonus payments have ended. We must understand how older adults are coping with this loss of funds for food. Curbing older adult hunger during these inflationary times is key.


These are critical concerns that persist and demand our attention and action. We must strive to improve continuously, fostering cross-cutting strategies to amplify support for older community members; their well-being is a matter of personal importance to Lisa, and she is committed to taking significant measures to safeguard them. Lisa is committed to:


  • Promoting additional affordable and accessible housing options for Ward 4 older adults. 

  • Combatting older adult hunger using government tools and partnerships with the community.

  • Combatting elder abuse, exploitation, and fraud by partnering with community organizations to increase training for older adults about their rights, as well as home health care workers, law enforcement officers, and family members so they can more easily recognize and report these incidents. As a Special Agent, Lisa partnered with AARP and the FBI to produce a national campaign on reverse mortgage scams. She understands how to identify, tackle, and promote public awareness of dangerous schemes affecting older adults.

  • Expanding home and community-based services, including home healthcare, meal delivery, transportation assistance, and in-home support services. These services can help older adults with daily activities and enable them to live independently. 

  • Promoting health and wellness programs, including preventive care, chronic disease management, and caregiver support. These programs can help older adults maintain their health and well-being, reducing the need for institutional care.

  • Investing in strong technology infrastructure and promoting telehealth services to increase access to healthcare professionals and reduce transportation barriers. 

  • Fostering an age-friendly Ward 4 by implementing policies prioritizing pedestrian safety, public transportation, accessible public spaces, navigating services, and social engagement opportunities. This helps older adults remain active and connected to their communities.

Watch the video to hear from a Ward 4 resident on why we must prioritize senior services!

Power the Movement

We take pride in being a people-powered campaign with an average donation of $14. If you’re a DC resident, your donation will be matched 5-to-1, and all donations are limited to a maximum of $50. 

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