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Lisa recognizes the immense value of constituent services and their role in addressing the needs and concerns of residents. She understands that it is crucial to establish a direct line of communication between her office and constituents in order to effectively address their concerns and fulfill their needs.


In delivering constituent services, her office will establish a strong connection with constituents, enhancing their trust in the government's ability to address their concerns. Lisa’s commitment to constituent services is unwavering and she will work tirelessly to create positive change in Ward 4.


As your Ward 4 Councilmember, Lisa will:


  • Return to dedicated, consistent community office hours at locations throughout Ward 4. Lisa understands the only way to grow and heal our community is to be in the community where most people can have access to her and the resources of Council staff.

  • Implement a Ward 4 community engagement plan that serves all Ward 4 populations, including immigrant, senior, and youth populations, prioritizes the democratic process, and seeks proactive input. Lisa understands that there are representational, democratic, and legislative reasons to hear constituent needs and priorities and integrate those into the decision making and public-policy process.

  • Create a culture of accessibility and service in the Ward 4 Council office. Lisa is a seasoned senior manager who has built award-winning teams. She understands the nature of management, staff development, and developing and achieving strategic goals. Lisa is committed to bringing her years of business acumen to the Ward 4 Council seat. At heart, she is a public servant and a servant leader.

Power the Movement

We take pride in being a people-powered campaign with an average donation of $14. If you’re a DC resident, your donation will be matched 5-to-1, and all donations are limited to a maximum of $50. 

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.

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