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Lisa's Letter to Ward 4

Dear Esteemed Ward 4 Residents, Beloved Friends, and Community Supporters,


It is a profound privilege that I announce my candidacy for the Ward 4, Democratic, DC Council seat. I am taking this bold step to stand up for our community and champion a collective voice focused on the issues of Ward 4. I am firmly committed to addressing the issues that truly matter to us and are at the heart of our beliefs and daily experiences. Ward 4 is a prime example of community spirit, civic engagement, and dedicated service, reflecting our significant history. I am committed and determined to maintain this important legacy.


Our community merits a kind of leadership that is dedicated to the unique and pressing needs of Ward 4 residents. The current political landscape has witnessed a growing influence of national and local interest groups, often overshadowing the voices and concerns of our own community members, union workers, and those impacted by crime, pain, and fear. We cannot afford another four years of representation that prioritizes broader agendas over our immediate needs.


At the heart of my campaign lies a promise to refocus our Ward 4 Council's office to place front and center the pivotal issues that shape our everyday existence. Our issues are not mere talking points for a large stage; they are the very building blocks of keeping our community safe and thriving. Public safety, local business growth, affordable housing, senior care, traffic safety, and quality education – these are not abstract concepts, but tangible components that personally affect each of us. Through collaborative, proactive efforts from a Ward 4 perspective, we can secure a prosperous future for our community.


Let me be blunt - public safety and crime tops my list of priorities. The escalating crime rates in our Ward and throughout DC are a cause for deep concern. With over two decades of experience in law enforcement, including supervising juvenile offenders, coordinating targeted enforcement operations, devising strategies to address local and national crime, as well as being a mom to a teenage son, I know that safety for all Ward 4 residents and visitors to DC, is essential for the progress and development of our neighborhoods. The challenges are intricate, and our approach must be equally nuanced. Striking the right balance between holding wrongdoers responsible and enacting laws that effectively and purposefully improve the well-being and safety of the residents in Ward 4 is of utmost importance. One-size-fits-all national agendas won't and have not addressed this ever-growing issue. My campaign and my personal charge is to advocate for robust, fair public safety policies and legislation while also addressing the root causes of criminal behavior, all without compromising our safety.


My focus will also extend to providing support to victims whose lives have been profoundly impacted by these crimes. The human and societal costs of crime are extensive, affecting the well-being of victims and the broader community, especially our children. I will tenaciously advocate for bolstering the rights of victims, ensuring they are no less than those of offenders.


Our economic challenges must also not be ignored. A 4.9% unemployment rate in Ward 4, the fourth highest in DC, calls for urgent attention. Fostering thriving local businesses and bolstering our city's economy is essential to securing the futures of our residents. You deserve leadership that not only recognizes the importance of economic development but also tirelessly works to create job opportunities and stimulate growth.


Furthermore, I am dedicated to safeguarding our most vulnerable residents, our children, and our seniors. Seniors face increasing challenges in accessing essential services and have not received the first-rate constituent services that are the legacy of Ward 4. It is imperative that their needs are acknowledged and met. Our children are the torchbearers of our community's future, and it is time we take concrete steps to protect and nurture them. I strongly believe that every child deserves a secure pathway to achieve future success. It is imperative that we guarantee non-college-bound students graduate with practical skills or trades, enabling them to lead independent and fulfilling lives.


Throughout my career, I have consistently embodied the values of boldness, strategic thinking, collaboration, integrity, and common sense. With 27 years of service in federal law enforcement and various roles within the Ward 4 community, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. As a parent with a son who attended DC Public Schools, I have experienced firsthand the challenges our schools and children face.


Your concerns are my utmost priorities, and I am unwaveringly committed to addressing them. There is much work to be done, and I stand ready to take on these challenges. Together, let's move #Ward4Forward!


As a Fair Elections candidate, my campaign is powered by small-dollar contributions from everyday people like you. If you are a DC resident, your donation under the Fair Elections program is magnified fivefold. You can make a donation here.


I invite you to join me in this commitment to make Ward 4 an even better place for all. I eagerly anticipate earning your vote and welcome your engagement. 

To learn more about my campaign, please follow me on social media (@GoreforDC). You can also reach out to my campaign at or call us at (202) 697-7056.

Lisa Gore

Democratic Candidate for DC Council Ward 4

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