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A Plan for the People

Economic Justice and Worker's Rights

Environmental Justice

Aging and Health

New Deal for Transportation

Ethics and Governance 

New Deal for Public Education

LGBTQIA+ Priorities 

Sustaining Small Business 

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Dear DC,


As a community, we have an opportunity in DC's June 2022 Democratic primary to elect an At-Large Councilmember that genuinely believes in prioritizing the needs of people and communities. For too long, we've seen policy choices that fail to meet the needs of working families and vulnerable residents and instead promote special interests. I believe we can do better.  


It's time for change. We've also seen the results of continuing to do "business as usual." Change has not been fast enough for people who don't earn a living wage, and struggle to make ends meet or for kids enrolled in public schools that aren't adressing their needs. Change has come too late in this city for families displaced from their homes, public housing residents living in unsafe housing conditions, pedestrians demanding safe streets, and communities suffering from the health effects of environmentally disastrous policies. We must do better to move this city forward - for everyone.


We can have a just DC that protects all people. We can build stronger, healthier communities. However, to do so, we need leaders that are bold enough to fight for systemic policy changes that put the needs of its most vulnerable residents first and have the integrity to develop policy decisions in a fair, equitable way that values each member of the community.


My campaign is about building a movement and a commitment to a more just DC. A DC where we recognize and fight for policies that address systemic and structural disparities. I'm fighting for justice in housing, education, transportation, economic and environmental policies, and infrastructure because I believe a just DC is essential to upholding the fundamental principle of human dignity.  


I'm running for DC Councilmember At-Large, and I welcome your involvement in my fight for a just DC. I look forward to earning your vote!

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