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A New Deal for Public Transportation

Transportation is the second-largest source of carbon emissions in DC. We must make policy choices that immediately implement zero-emission public transportation options. A New Deal in public transportation will reduce surface transportation emissions while making our communities safer, healthier, and more equitable. We need transportation policies built on economic, racial, and environmental justice, and we deserve responsible, transparent, and accountable leadership over our transportation infrastructure that makes our city streets safe.


I will work to:

  • Prioritize the transition to zero-emission public transportation. DC must speed up the timeframe to transform Circulator buses, DCPS' school bus fleet, and other public vehicles to zero-emission fleets. We must make intentional policy choices that align with our climate goals.

  • Fight for justice in transportation. Transportation projects have not benefited all of our communities equally and have harmed our most vulnerable communities. We must look at transportation projects through a justice lens so that no community or neighborhood is adversely impacted in delivering multi-modal transportation options. Transportation must be accessible for all of our neighbors, including seniors and our youth, and must fully accommodate our neighbors with disabilities. We should use a justice-first approach towards public transportation by reducing fares based on income and ensuring meaningful bus service in under-served communities.

  • Ensure pedestrian safety. DC has seen too many pedestrian crashes, both fatal and non-fatal, on our roadways. Residents have raised concerns about dangerous speeding hotspots, poorly designed intersections, delayed traffic safety assessments, and crumbling sidewalk infrastructure. Still, they often don't see the needed safety improvements until it's too late. All neighborhoods must have equitable access to traffic calming improvements, maintained crosswalks, and the immediate repair of unsafe, dangerous sidewalks.

  • Support policies that transform DC into a "15-minute city" where vital community resources, including public transportation and retailers, are within a 15-minute walk or bicycle ride.

  • Build safe, low-stress cycling infrastructure throughout the city. This requires our city to move more intentionally to increase the pace of building cycling infrastructure so neighborhoods have access to safe cycling options.

  • Provide aggressive oversight of transportation safety issues. Unsafe roadways are a public safety issue. We must insist on transparency and accountability from DDOT and not be afraid to demand change when the community's needs and calls for safety improvements continue to go unmet.

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