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Inclusive Cities - LGBTQIA+ Priorities


Lisa Gore Scores highest out of all At-Large Candidates in GLAA's Election Rating

DC can become the safest and most inclusive city in the nation. We need to address the structural inequities that impact our systematically marginalized neighbors.


Installing a Committee on Health and Aging on the DC Council.

While this sits in my Aging platform, the call for having a committee dedicated to focusing on the issues plaguing our older adults will be prioritized to protect LGBTQIA+ seniors as well. Senior hunger is the highest in DC compared to any other state. While the negative effects of senior hunger are impartial, it impacts  LGBTQIA+ seniors the harshest. The Committee on Health and Aging would work systemically to keep older adults included in the progress of our city. Most immediately, it will address the digital divide, isolation, and quality of housing & health services for seniors.


Establishing a city-wide metric to ensure permanent supportive housing for LGBTQIA+ individuals, with a heightened focus on seniors and youth.

As the next Large Councilmember, I will make it my duty to fill in the housing gaps for my comrades in the LGBTQIA+ community. With 40% of LGBTQIA+ youth experiencing homelessness, we need to act immediately to house our young people to secure their bright future. Each housing voucher that the city provides should include the wraparound services to meet each individual household's necessities. 


Establishing quadrant-based harm reduction centers for LGBTQIA+ youth & community members, and survivors of domestic violence.

My justice-first platform prioritizes the healing and protections necessary for queer communities. As a woman, I know these services will further aid in decreasing domestic violence against trans and cis women. My vision for a 15-minute city would ensure that critical services like harm reduction centers are accessible in every part of the city. In addition, my platform seeks to use community land trusts to provide more LGBTQIA+ central environments that connect housing and workforce opportunities in these centers. 


Dedicated funding for LGBTQIA+ housing, health, and outreach full-time staff.

I will work alongside the community to expand targeted employment for LGBTQIA+ residents while using evidence-based data to understand the needs of community members. Through full-time Housing Coordinators, we will educate, heal and shelter our friends and neighbors across the city. My platform calls for representation in employment as well, ensuring our DC queer folx are leaders in these roles. 


Secured financial foundation for the Office of Human Rights. 

We need to ensure the Office of Human Rights has the capacity to address the concerns and issues of our residents. My platform calls for an increase in OHR’s budget for more investigators and the ability to swiftly clear the backlog of complaints.  

Improved oversight of DC Jail and the treatment of LGBTQIA+ incarcerated members with immediate re-entry service upon returning from serving time. 

Our brothers and sisters serving time are no less deserving of human dignity, regardless of their sexuality, orientation, or gender. Serving on the DC Council, I’ll be using my extensive oversight background to keep incarcerated LGBTQIA+ folx safe and connected to the proper health services to reenter society successfully. My focus will also be on the physical conditions and treatment of DC inmates with a clear understanding that immediate services must be provided at the beginning of the re-entry process.


Expanding LGBTQIA+ workforce and entrepreneurial opportunities in high demanding industries for youth and adults. 

While we know the Transgender & Gender-nonconforming (T/GNC) workforce program has some funding, it does not have the capacity to fill the wage gap and break the glass ceiling for LGBTQIA+ people. Many Washingtonians are finding freedom in establishing their own businesses, and as an ally, I want to see more queer-owned businesses like Check It Enterprises in Ward 8 and the Northeast Performing Arts in Ward 7. There is an untapped talent pool with our LGBTQIA+ members, and it’s my creed to make the pathways clear through consistent funding, support, and oversight.


Expanding free and low-cost HIV/AIDS health prevention and protection. 

Almost two out of every 100 people in DC are living with HIV, and young people in the DC region are diagnosed at twice the national rate.  My goal as the next At-Large Councilmember will be to ensure no DC resident pays for critical health services to stay healthy and safe. With the cost of medications increasing, I want to remove any barriers for our comrades to have access to their medication and doctor appointments. My plans for prevention include city-wide educational campaigns and services for families. 


More consistent community grants for longstanding organizations that work to mobilize, employ, and grow diversity in DC.

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