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Ethics and Governance

No political system is beyond the reach of unethical influences that undermine the very nature of our democratic processes. As a retired member of the federal law enforcement community, I've worked my entire career investigating bad actors and holding them accountable. Whether they are government officials, those that have committed major financial crimes, executive directors of public agencies, or presidential appointees, I have fought to bring awareness and justice to some of the most pressing federal housing management issues facing this country. It has always been a professional priority to ensure the forthrightness in programs designed and funded to assist those with the greatest need, many in our underserved communities.

Public service and protecting the interest of our residents is a privilege that comes with great responsibility. The welfare and safety of our fellow citizens should not come at the expense of special interests, profit, or illegal or unethical acts. That's why I'm running as a "Fair Elections" candidate. And as such, I am committed to only accepting campaign donations from those willing to contribute $100 or less toward our cause. The people of this amazing city are at the heart of the inspiration for my campaign, not developers or special interests.


With over 28 years of federal oversight and law enforcement experience, I know the full measure of integrity and accountability. And more importantly, I have seen first-hand the suffering and neglect caused when these characteristics are absent. Thoughtful and deliberate oversight is a cornerstone of effective governance that demands transparency. The voices of our residents, community leaders, and activists have the right to call out for answerability. This is the hallmark of ensuring integrity. The DC Council is the legislative branch called upon to provide this "check and balance." It should work in conjunction with the executive branch to maintain and enhance the quality of life for all its citizens regardless of economic station or residence.

At the heart of good governance are leaders that hold themselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct. That is why I fully support the strengthening and enforcement of our current ethics rules and remain willing to examine future legislative refinements to ensure members of the Council perform their functions free from, even the appearance, improper influence. To the same degree, I also promise to hold those that work with me, if elected, to the same ethical standard. As a member of the Council, I wholly commit to you an unwavering focus on ensuring accountability, transparency, and integrity to make sure our government programs provide a just DC for all.

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