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Greater Greater Washington is endorsing ANC 3/4G-01 Commissioner Lisa Gore, who offers the most on our core issues of housing, transportation, and land use, and demonstrates the greatest potential to improve on the performance of current At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds. Read more here

District of Columbia Housing Authority - Park Morton Resident Council

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“Lisa Gore has impressed me as an experienced, caring, interested candidate for an At-Large seat on the DC Council. Her years of experience working in the local and federal government, particularly her over 20 years working as a federal special agent at HUD, is invaluable to our city. She understands the importance of flexible housing and its oversight. She is an ANC in Ward 4 and a DC Public School mom. Her commitment to improving life for seniors in terms of safe outdoor spaces, recreation, transportation and social participation won my heart as a former caregiver. She will bring knowledge and a terrific energy to the City Council.”

Kris Laurenti