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Economic Justice and Worker's Rights

We cannot leave our workers behind, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19, which affects worker rights, safety, and health. Workers deserve leaders who are willing to fight to make economic systems accessible to everyone by breaking down barriers such as the lack of affordable child care, housing, and transportation, which make "making it" almost impossible for workers and families. I'll focus on addressing economic justice and worker's rights by working to:


I'll focus on addressing economic justice and worker's rights by:

  • Target the root causes of income and wealth inequality through home-ownership, quality education, transportation access, environmental justice, and fair wages. We must intentionally re-focus policies that have enabled racial and economic inequities to persist.

  • Introduce policies that promote more significant home-ownership opportunities for lower-income residents. Owning a home is a crucial opportunity to build generational wealth.

  • Fight for all DC workers to earn a living wage and have adequate paid family and medical leave to provide for themselves and their families. This includes excluded workers like our street vendors, domestic workers, and construction workers, who are an essential part of our city's economy but are often denied these same principles of economic justice and workers’ rights.

  • Support Initiative 82, the District of Columbia Tip Credit Elimination Act of 2021, which would end the tip credit by 2027 by gradually raising the mandatory base wage to match the city's minimum wage.

  • Tackle wage theft that undermines the economic security of DC workers, especially low-income and immigrant communities and service sector workers. We must protect vulnerable workers who lack the legal and financial resources to defend themselves against employer abuse.

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