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Press Release

March 11, 2022

DC Elections Agency Officially Lists Lisa Gore as First At-Large Council Candidate to File Petitions for Ballot Access

For Immediate Release

March 11, 2022

Contact: Dennis Jaffe

(202) 905-1153



DC Elections Agency Officially Lists Lisa Gore as First

At-Large Council Candidate to File Petitions for Ballot Access



Washington, DC - Lisa Gore, a leading candidate in the June 21st Democratic primary for At-Large Councilmember, is officially the first contender to submit the required 2,000 petition signatures to the Board of Elections for placement on the ballot. The Board confirmed Gore’s status, effective Wednesday, March 9th. The Gore campaign submitted over 2,400 signatures and is still out on the streets in force, collecting signatures throughout the city. The candidate welcomes more volunteers for petitioning and all aspects of the campaign. 


Gore, a Ward 4 resident and elected member of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3G, is running against incumbent Anita Bonds. She said, “I am deeply grateful to my diverse group of volunteers. They are passionate about electing a new Councilmember At-Large who will champion a bold, progressive agenda on the Council.” Gore added, “My 28 years of government experience make me especially qualified to achieve consensus among the Council’s 13 members to pass legislation.”


She has been soliciting input for her policy platform from people with different perspectives across DC. “I am a believer in community-powered change centered on justice that puts people first.” As a result, Gore said, “We’ve got a campaign platform that is substantive, bold, progressive, and practical.” 


Gore was also among the first candidates to qualify for the Fair Elections program. Candidates running for the At-Large Council seat are required to raise $12,000 from at least 250 individuals who can donate up to $100. She is a strong supporter of DC’s new public financing program. She said, “I’m accepting donations from all eight wards in the city up to $100 because we need to elect people from the community who will represent and serve the community – not wealthy donors with special interests.”

Lisa Gore is a candidate for the DC Council At-Large Democratic seat and the current Vice-Chair of ANC 3/4G. She is a retired Special Agent in Charge with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Inspector General with extensive experience in law enforcement and housing policy oversight. To learn more about her platform, visit:



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