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Press Release

April 29, 2022

Abuse to Women is

Abuse to Our Society - 

Lisa Gore's Statements on Recent Attacks on Women in DC

For Immediate Release 

April 29th, 2022 

Contact: Chantal Fuller 

(202) 905-1153 



Abuse to Women is Abuse to Our Society 

Lisa Gore's Statements on Recent Attacks on Women in DC 

Washington, DC - This past week, the district has seen a number of acts of violence against women. When DC women are unsafe, everyone in our city is in danger. While crime does not discriminate, we know violence impacts Black and brown people and women at disproportionate rates. 

On April 21st, 2022, a woman was found fighting for survival in Northwest DC after jumping from an 8-story apartment building to escape her abuser and boyfriend. The victim was found with her legs bound, suffering from physical assault wounds, in a bush near the Connecticut House apartments. The woman, in her early 20’s, was recovered in critical condition. According to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), this was a domestic dispute between the woman and her boyfriend. When I learned of this incident, I shared my thoughts on Twitter, highlighting how this tragedy was personal for me: 

“We had a tragic day yesterday and I grieve for all. One story that wasn’t covered much was the one below which also happened along Connecticut Avenue NW. Violence against women is an issue in DC and it often doesn’t get the coverage it deserves. I’m highlighting this because I also jumped out of a window trying to escape a would-be attacker. I was in college and it was a second-floor dorm room. In our conversations about public safety, we must include issues involving violence against women. These are our moms, sisters, and friends.” 

Another violent slaying occurred on Easter. Tiffany Wiggans, a 38-year-old mom, grandmother, and resident of Ward 7, was found shot to death in her vehicle on Minnesota Ave, NE. As of now, there is no information about the suspect(s). Tiffany’s life was cut too short. She was a beautiful soul and I am wishing healing and strength to her loved ones.

In light of these horrific events, our community is left in a quandary. As the adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We have had decades of “pounds” of reactive policies rather than proactive ones, and I will make sure that things change. 

I am charged as a Black woman, a mother, and your next At-Large Council Member, to strengthen the collaboration among housing service providers in order to ensure effective use of the city's resources. I am focusing on serving the housing needs of survivors and will work daily with residents, community and advocacy-based organizations, ANCs, the Department of Behavioral Health, and MPD to ensure that all of our residents have the mental and social health support they need, which research shows reduces violent crime in the long-run. 

When residents have knowledge of and equitable access to city services, such as affordable housing, nutritious food, mental and physical healthcare, education, and safe havens, we help reduce crimes, violent, petty, or of survival. I am fighting to see comprehensive mental health resources deployed directly to DC residents to prevent abuse and attacks against women, making our streets safer for everyone. 

I ask for your support and feedback as we tackle these threats to public safety.


To learn more about my platform, visit: 



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